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Moving Closer To The Fire

Balance is one of the most important things in existence. When it comes to being human, we must honor different energies to live a peaceful life. A calm and relaxed energy, and a strong, passionate energy.

Remembering to flow like water, being still and calm all the time is almost almost an impossible thought. There has to be some fire, movement and uncomfortable sensation to feel and achieve real growth, progress in any aspect of being.

There are many ways to achieve this balance, internally and externally, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. It can be difficult to have all these conditions under control, it is a never ending practice, but once you begin it only gets easier.

Start with one goal, focus on an area of your life that you feel needs the most improvement. Self-love, self-care, and self-compassion. Keep these ideas present when beginning your journey. It takes time, don’t stray from your belonging, most of the beauty is in the process of becoming.

“Remember that you are fire. Burn. Tame. Ignite.” -unknown

Evaluate habits, things, or people that no longer serve you for the best interest and make space for ones that do. Stick to actions, thoughts, and conversation that only move you forward. When you stay consistent with an intention great results will arise and leave you feeling better than you ever did before.