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The Time For Creative Flow

As we begin the second month of 2020 we have had a few weeks to build new ideas, dreams, goals, habits, and desires for what we will welcome into our lives this year. Now, we have the time to create an effortless and magical flow of abundance within ourselves.

To help this unfold, you must be calm and feel clarity with what you want. Sit with yourself and listen to what it is inside of you that is dying to come out. Create moments of joy for yourself, sing or dance, sit quiet in nature, meditate and go for a swim in the ocean.

It is in these moments of being so lost in yourself where you are able to really feel good, and free, not drowning in your thoughts. This is what sparks true creativity from deep within and allows for one to develop a strong flow of great desire.

This is when you get in tune with who you really are. One of the best ways to encourage this type of growth is by granting your mind and body to flow like water, physically and figuratively. Move with ease and fluid motion, be gentle and kind, dream vast over beautiful spaces and feel the constant peace within yourself as if you were floating in the water with your eyes closed.

Photo: Ivan Torres // @iavnt

The ocean is a source of life, vitality and wisdom. There are many who learn great things from the silence the ocean holds within her hidden places. One of these places is Bali, where deep ocean blue surrounds a lush and tropical island that radiates vibrant energy.

This is the perfect place to connect and learn to flow. Moving in the ocean allows you to feel empowered and forget all worries that rest ashore. Surfing is a great way to inspire this playful and relaxed sense of energy. An activity that is fun, challenging, and unites nature’s essence within. Dance with the ocean in ways that are pleasurable and exciting.