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New Year: Preparing For Change

As we move into not only a new year, but a new decade there are plenty of emotions, memories, and thoughts that are bound to arise during this shift of time. This is normal, you are not the only one. Be compassionate with yourself as these feelings arise and just observe. Don’t allow for judgmental thoughts to sneak in, debilitating the opportunity for change. Now is the time, and space, you need to plant new seeds of dreams and goals for what is calling your soul.

Reflect upon your previous journeys with gratitude for all that has occurred, the good, the bad, the in between. This is what has brought you to now. Become clear with what made you feel joyful and what did not. Have the intention to remove the things that no longer serve you and create more space for the things that do. Take time to sit with yourself in a calm place and just breathe, let all your thoughts, worries, distractions go and enjoy the present moment. This is who you are. Listen to your body, do what feels good and honor when you need a break.

Ask yourself if you do what you love enough, or, if there are more actions that don’t feel good. Again, don’t judge. Just observe and reflect so you know where to make change. Once you see and feel what you don’t want anymore write down a list of new healthy habits you want to commence. Make them a priority for the first few weeks (or months) of the year. Commit to following these habits and make it a daily ritual of soulful, blissful moments. Even if it is only between 5-10 minutes, you are still allowing for massive change. Especially when you connect to your breath.

The more you practice being aware of your breath, the easier it is to feel calm and relaxed as you are in the present moment. This is where the answers are hidden, in silence, in stillness, in the natural flow of the air around you and inside of you. Consciousness, connecting to your existence, when you are most alive and allow for endless opportunities to manifest your dreams. It is already inside of you, everything that you want, the question is if you will allow these things to become present or if you will let your thoughts take over, blocking your desires.

It is easy to forget how powerful, us as humans really are. When we allow busyness and distractions to take over our lives and our minds we lose the present moment, which is truly the best, the moment at which we are authentically ourselves and enjoy exactly what is. We let things just be, no over thinking, no stress. When you accept things as they are and focus on the good, on your wildest dreams, you are tuning into your inner being and the law of attraction begins to play. Don’t forget what created our world, our universe, the stars, the moon, and the sun, also handcrafted YOU.