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Last Years Note To Self

Be thankful for the ones who inspire, support, and guide you in your journey.

Allow for 2020 to be a space of new and healthy habits.

Let go of anything and everything that no longer serves you. (Ideas, thoughts, feelings, assumptions, people, places, activities, anything that isn't making you a better YOU.)

Move forward in light of your dreams!!

Do NOT let anyone stop you or tell you that you can't.

Feel more, sit still, enjoy silence in the mind.


Continue to express gratitude for the deeply rooted seeds that were planted in 2019.

Allow for these seeds of dreams, desires, and hopes to grow.

Nourish them with compassion, love and kindness.

Create unlimited spaciousness.

2019 was

the end

of a planting decade... 2020 will be the start of growing strong, powerful, beautiful DREAMS!