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High On Life

Early bird gets the worm… and coffee! Our last sunrise surf as a team, it was a good one at Gerupuk Inside wave. Small but spicy as the local people say. It was clean and fun, perfect for another photo session. We all agreed how amazing this week was and how we will miss each others company. But the best part is there is much more to create from here and our friendships will last a lifetime!

At last, breakfast and coffee time, eggs, tomatoes and toast. Simple but delicious and perfect after surfing. I was able to share my knowledge and passion about essential oils after, holding a special class for my new friends here. They were all curious and asked great questions, at the end commenting how what I am doing is incredible. I felt like gold. This is what I have wanted to do for so long and the time is finally here!! Sharing what I love with people from around the world and empowering them to live naturally, YESSSS! It was a pleasure speaking with them about this and demonstrating how you can use clean and safe products in your daily life. I cannot wait for this path to continue unfolding and inspire many more people to make a lifestyle change.

Into the air conditioning for midday heat and some work time, this lovely and peaceful space will sure be missed. I feel so productive and inspired to create more and enjoy at the same time, thank you Xanadu! Another light and colorful lunch from Juliette at The Patio Lombok. It’s true that what you eat really affects the way you feel and perform. This week I have felt so light yet full, satisfied, happy, and had heaps of energy from this incredible food. Oh and did I mention, coffee?

The vibes here will be carried into my daily life as I go back to Bali, the chill, the happiness, the peace. And I look forward to seeing these beautiful souls in the future, enjoying more good times together and creating more magic. Onto our last workout of the retreat, Anatomy Fitness always kicking my butt and revealing some inner strength that sometimes needs a little push to come out.

My last evening here was spent in the yoga shala at sunset time alone. I enjoyed the humming sounds of mosques in the back and a cool jungle breeze. I let go of all my thoughts and could only feel my breath pulsing through my body. At the end of my practice I sat and gazed in the distance as tears began to roll down my face. Happy tears, ones of love and passion, gratitude and fulfillment. I am not sure if I have ever been so happy. There is something special here.