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In My Element

Finally sleeping in I felt completely rejuvenated and ready for the next three days of adventures! The beds here are like clouds, big and soft, warm blankets with the AC blowing in the room. Ahhh a good rest has me excited for our late morning surf now! Breakfast and coffee of course, we munched on a tomato and egg baked dish with watermelon juice and fresh dragon fruit. My tummy was happy and boy was I ready to get in the water.

Mawi! This has to be one of my favorite beaches in the world. Its beautiful, has waves, and lots of seashells to collect. As soon as we arrived I headed straight to the shoreline in search of ocean gifts and quickly came up with two handfuls of shells. My heart was racing with excitement and my mind was dreaming of all the crafts I would make.

I paddled out to a line up of 10 people and within almost no time there were only 4. YES! Rights and lefts were coming through as it was not breaking overhead and the tide was high. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but here. The water was clear and warm, the sun was shining high over head and Arit (our local guide) and I was frothing with no one in the water. I caught plenty of waves and was happy as I ran up the shore.

Ivan wanted to do some shooting over the cliff so Ola and I gracefully walked up on the hot sand and rocks to be greeted with a spectacular view of more bays and empty beaches with white sand and turquoise water. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO! Fully at peace with myself and connected with nature. We enjoyed taking some photo and video in this magical place. I even got a moment of yoga captured on the rocks, in my element to say the least. Yoga and the ocean.

After chilling on the beach we headed back to our place and prepared for lunch at The Patio Lombok. Again completely impressed how everything on the menu is fabulous. Absolutely no complaints about the food here. We headed down to a secret beach for sunset yoga led by me and a beach BBQ after. This was my favorite meal. How could it not be? Grilled fish, veggies, rice and a beer at sunset time with a candle light dinner on the sand. Beauty and peace to the max. My heart has been overflowing since I got to Lombok and this was just the cherry on top. Oh Lombok, you dreamy place. I will not forget this trip, EVER. Some drinks with my new friends and a good sleep after that.