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Third time is a charm, right? Sunrise surfs have to be one of the best things. It was a bit bigger this morning at Are Guling, I was stoked! Being the only chick in the water I felt respected and like I had to prove I could hang with the boys. I took off on as many set waves as I could and was beaming a smile as I pumped down the line. There was one set that washed the line up in making us sit a little deeper than before. Again we had a great morning, happy vibes, laughing and enjoying the company of like minded people in such a beautiful place.

Gado-gado, a local rice, veggie, and peanut sauce breakfast was served with coffee at 9am. I already felt like I had down so much after waking up with the sun. I had more time to relax and do some work on my laptop. Fully at peace with exactly where I was. For lunch we ate squid, tomatoes, green salad, and quinoa. I am in awe with the way Juliette from The Patio Lombok has been preparing our meals. They are incredible!

After we chilled around the pool and enjoyed mid day heat before heading to Loka for another training session with Anatomy Fitness. Today whooped my butt! But it felt good and I can tell I am getting stronger being here. Being surrounded by the high energy of other people really helps push myself to be better. Very thankful for this week of knowledge and team building.

We left the gym a little early to head down for another surf at Tanjung Aan and for Ivan to get some photos of the girls with Xanadu boards and sunset. Small and windy but we went out any way. Ivan and I stayed on the inside and had a mini photo shoot underwater and with the board as well. As the sun was setting Ola paddled over and we played, laughed, relished in the peaceful time we were having, another beautiful time. Bliss, seriously BLISS!

We raced back for restorative yoga. After 2 surfs and a work out my body was drained but I headed up to the shala anyway to relax. I fell asleep in a few poses and took it very easy, listening to my body and enjoying the quiet atmosphere that was around.

Spectacular dinner and conversations with all the guests, it was fun as usual and we all loved being around this diverse group of people. Tired to say the least I was quickly off to bed and sleeping shortly after.