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Expressing Gratitude

Day two waking up before the sun, there is no time to waste here. A light smoothie and coffee to start my day with only sounds from the roosters in the distance. We headed to a new beach, Are Guling. Ah, a beautiful sight, another bay surrounded by empty hills and open land. Even clearer water on the boat ride out to an epic wave. The crowd was a little more intense but I was on a 6’6 single fin making sure I would get my turn. I had a small barrel and a few long waves where I was able to pump down the line getting the speed I wanted. I was happy! Breakfast was yet again delicious and light with more coffee.

Xanadu is the perfect atmosphere to be productive, its calm and peaceful, quiet and serene. I was able to get lots of work done feeling accomplished. A wonderful lunch with our team, happy smiles and full bellies all around. I took a siesta before heading to train at Loka with Ivan. I love the group workouts! I feel motivated by others and inspired to motivate them. The intensity level was high and we were breaking boundaries to find our inner strength. I walked out with so much contentment. My heart felt like gold, my body was light and my smile was not fading. I looked around in complete gratitude for this experience, with these people, I am so blessed. Thank you universe!

On our way back to Xanadu there was a ceremony in the street, we watched as the local village people celebrated a wedding. Bright colors, hundreds of people, local instruments and music, dancing, singing, laughing, the area was glowing with love. I couldn’t help but feel it too and remember why I was so drawn to Indonesia. The community, the culture, it’s powerful like no other.

I feel like I have been here for more than three days, we are so comfortable with each other and are having fun joking around, enjoying our time. It is lovely. Our restorative yoga in the evening was incredible, I was really able to find and connect with my breath. Not sure if I have ever been so still and content with lying on a mat. The mosque was humming in the background as our teacher kindly guided us through the practice. I was beyond relaxed, I felt open and receptive to things much greater than me. Today was perfect, one I may never forget, my happiness was pure and I was nothing but love.

We had a night out at The Patio Lombok, wearing out “nicest” clothes. The restaurant is set up beautifully and the food is absolutely amazing!!! WOW. I could eat this everyday. We had fish and shrimp, beef and risotto, eggplant and bread finishing with vegan chocolate mousse. Yum, we were all full and impressed to say the least. Selamat malam Lombok, thank you for having me and enlightening my soul with such enchanting experiences. See you with the sun tomorrow.