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Enjoying Paradise

Nothing I love more than waking up with the sun and starting my day doing what I love, surfing. We had a light breakfast with coffee and headed to Tanjung Aan to get in the water. A short boat ride out to the middle of the bay we were surrounded by an impeccable sight. The water was warm and clear and the waves were perfect for beginner to intermediate levels. Smiles all around as we enjoyed our morning out at sea. Heading back to Xanadu breakfast was prepared for us. Another wholesome meal leaving me very content and ready for the rest of my day.

We wandered around the local markets and had good conversations. The vibe was calm and warm, I relished in this setting with these feelings. A Mediterranean lunch is always a good idea, so why not in Lombok?? The dining area is set up so nice for everyone to chat and enjoy their food together, you feel like your eating a holiday dinner with your family on an island paradise. Leading to good conversations and happy faces. It’s grand! Shortly after we headed to the beach for another surf at Tanjung Aan. The surf coach for Xanadu is great! Funny and nice, patient and passionate, professional and timely, it is exactly what you need in a situation like this. Quickly befriending him we enjoyed our time in the water with the manager from Xanadu as well. It does not get more fun than this! The sunset was fabulous, watching it slowly disappear behind the big hills in the distance. As we drove back to camp the sky kept glowing and changing colors leaving us in silence as we all stared at the beauty.

Tonight, I actually got to teach a yoga class! It was amazing and my heart leaped with joy at the opportunity in a setting I had always dreamed of. Followed by more delicious and healthy food my huge and comfortable bed was screaming at me to lay down. Sleep good!