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Lombok Style

I arrived in Lombok around noon and was greeted by my driver, a friendly local named Jeck. As we drove to Kuta, Lombok I was in awe at the peaceful surroundings. Although it was not very green from lack of rain, the coconut trees and other fruit trees along the side of the road still seemed to flourish with abundance. It must have been the air. Upon entering Xanadu my eyes grew wide at the simple yet elegant decoration of the homestay. The atmosphere was vintage with wood and white, rattan and funky shaped furniture. Exotic mirrors, pictures and books scattered around. Lush green plants and flower trees were all around the property. A place for yoga above the dining area with a small spiral staircase leading up. In the center, a pool, clean and blue with water trickling over the edges.

Xanadu is chill, inviting and beautiful. I never want to leave. The staff is friendly and kind, chatting is an easy and enjoyable task to do.

I started with lunch catered by The Patio Lombok. DELICIOUS! With sweet potato hummus, lentils and cheese, mushrooms and pomegranate, and a coconut milk ceviche. Healthy, filling, and attractive. I was very impressed. Next we trained at Loka with Anatomy Fitness. Pushing limits and finding inner strength while having fun, you cannot ask for much more exercising. Yin Yoga by Ashtari at Novotel was a soothing way to end the day. As we moved with the sun setting and sounds from the ocean it was easy to focus on your presence and breath, feeling uttermost peace. The teacher spoke clearly and demonstrated every pose as she guided us along this practice. Her cues were very directing making it easy to understand the correct positioning of your body. Another spectacular meal from The Patio Lombok with three courses put me in a sleep mode. Now to enjoy my spacious and cozy room with air conditioning, good night.

It’s safe to say I will easily enjoy my time over the next week at Xanadu and will be torn as I part ways back to Bali.