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Ocean Guidance

Held by her tides

I wondered how she flowed so well

Leaving yet always returning,

Never the same

I'm constantly humbled by her strength and natural power

Unlike any other

The way she rolls in all directions and

Peaks to form a surfers perfection

Amazed by the most beautiful blue walls most have ever seen

Always returning, like she, to the salty satisfaction

With all that she gives, she does have those moments where she takes

The circle of life with a celebration in her depths

Yet again returning to her comfort

As vast as one is, deep, unknown, full of life

Sea treasures, soothing sounds

Energy carried from the past unfolding our future

A dreamy gaze, different colors within her

Kisses gentle or rough, like a stormy day

When I look out at her abundance my heart and soul sing

Pleased with everything she's taught me I'm ready for more

With an open, carefree heart I've learned to allow things to come and go

I'm a child of hers, always returning to her shores

Guided by her wisdom and lessons

A universe of its own, she provides the breath of life

It is important to respect and take care of our precious oceans

Leave her better than when you arrived

Know that she's always watching and will surprise you when she is

My love runs through her and swirls around as she goes

There's no better peace within me then from her comforting soul