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A Letter To My Children

Bali, Indonesia

My dream when I have children of my own is to write a book inspiring them to follow their heart and instill beautiful, loving qualities that will carry them through a simple and joyful life.

It will talk about experiences around the world and feelings that came about through it all. Creating a story, one to share, one to grow, one to reflect upon, and one to pass to the next generation.

A little something like this,

Be kind, humble, helpful, happy. Shine a light in the darkness being brave in what ever you do.

The universe is magical granting wishes that are asked. Know you have all the power inside of you, what created the Earth created you.

Think positive thoughts and have equivalent actions.

Live life fearless, remember it takes struggle and sacrifice to be successful. You will learn and grow along the way.

Always tell yourself you are exactly where you're meant to be, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing.

See beauty in all things, it is pure and it is truth.