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Overcoming Pain

Growing up I was scared of a lot of things.

Maybe from the trauma I felt after my parents got divorced. I was nine years old. I knew what pain was at a young, naïve age.

It wasn’t until I moved to a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that I felt true freedom. A place where I could honor myself and grow in my weakness. Embracing all that there was.

The pain turned into healing. A release of burdens unwanted. It was beautiful. Only continuing to unfold. I learned that facing fears was the only way to get over them.

Once I chose to do so my life would simply be a path of enlightenment after that.

We all find our own cures, little things that put us at peace. Mine became the ocean. My love expanded vast across the sea. I could feel the motion with me wherever I went and see it in my dreams.

It then became an adventure of the unknown. That’s what truly made me feel, me. I wanted this to linger forever, I craved the bliss indeed.

I lost track of these magical moments. They were all so pure and deep. Comforting me when I had my struggles.

Now I am empowered. The woman I have become is fearless in what sets my soul on fire. And that can never be beat.