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The Spark

It started with a conversation... of how I loved to explore. It was well known adventure ran deep in my blood and now we had the opportunity to go.

So the two of us packed a backpack, borrowed a big motor bike and strapped a board each to the side.

We headed off to the harbor in Bali late at night. Arriving just before the new day we boarded the ferry to Lombok, the island closest to Bali off the east coast.

It was dawn by the time the ferry reached the next harbor. We shuffled to the bike and waited with the hundreds of other people who were ready to get off.

Finally on the road, sunshine breaking through the clouds, rain gently on our backs. Speeding through the jungle, empty roads, vast amounts of greenery. Pure beauty, one of the most peaceful settings I've seen.

We were headed to the city to find a place to stay and start the search for waves. I could tell already this was going to be an epic time.