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I spent six weeks in agony. Watching the days pass by, counting as if there was a date for this feeling to go away. I lay in the sand, hands over head, sun beaming straight to my heart. But still, all I felt was pain.

The seagulls mocked me over head like the thoughts I could not silence.

What were you telling me?

I saw a beautiful day roll into a storm. Fast and dramatic, I knew you were talking to me.

It's been a battle with my most loved ones. Something I cannot even explain. But it hurts, and never leaves me alone.

What was I waiting for? I have to live my life, embrace each moment because truly that is all we have.

I was beginning to understand how my thoughts and actions co-created my life. It was my power to control both these things. I chose to focus on being happy now.

Every now that I have. With breath and seeing the beauty that is in front of me. I can learn to transcend my ego and trust my heart.

This struggle is a time for personal growth, an experience for the collection. One that will shape me, hurt me, heal me, allow me to know life a little more.I am where I need to be doing exactly what I need to be doing.