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This Is Me


That's what I've always said. When I use that term I imagine a strong, beautiful, free soul who is on a quest with the sea, flowing in her magical waters.

There is not a feeling that can compare to obtaining oneness with the ocean. It is a craft that will never be mastered, a continuous and amazing practice.

Many years ago my body and mind became entangled with the melody of silence from being in the sea. My life was then structured around it. I knew this beauty was held across the world and I was eager to see more.

I craved the feeling of adventure, finding something new, being in love with this earth. Growing up with divorced parents I lived mostly with my Super Mom. We lived in a few different places so I knew home was where the heart is and you can bring it with you where-ever you go.

Mom was good at helping with that. I prepared to travel seas afar. Training for life, the unknown. At 20 I was a college drop out. Stoked! Only because I knew that for me it was the right choice.

I was now attending the University of Life studying happiness and the nature of people who obtain it. I had a new mission, that's what felt good in my heart.

A quote I came across early in my journey ~

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge is limited, imagination encircles." Albert Einstein.

So my imagination of a peaceful, calm, island life was born. And it has led me to unreal places. Experiencing culture, religion, politics, professions from around the world. Imagine that.

I guess behind this gypsea is a young woman with a big imagination and a lot of love. I'm comfortable with who I am and embrace the universe to all that it is. To explore is simply a desire that cannot be resisted.

There is a tribe of humans like this, all feeling their journeys in magnificent ways. To be apart of this is incredible. To create a life with pure authentic you.

Cheers to all that can smile throughout the day.

Keep your head up and inspire those who are looking down.