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You Are Not Alone

I realized today as I began to practice yoga the fear I have of being alone.

I held forward fold and focused on my breath, trying to slow everything down. It felt good to be there, to be with myself and acknowledge my thoughts.

I've been running from them for a while. Distracting myself from the calmness I can attain within. Watching movies, playing on my phone. Essentially wasting time when on the inside something was not right.

Avoiding the "pain" but not making a change. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way or does these things. That is a comforting thought on its own. Now, the next step, finding a solution to combat this unnecessary fear.

You are not alone. You are all that you need. You have all that you want. And the universe will bless you with these things at the perfect moment.

It's about the process, the journey, evolution and growth. That is the only way to reach the destination, so enjoy it all and remember you are everything.

Learn how to be gentle with yourself and act in ways that make you feel good. Tell yourself positive, motivating things.

Be kind, be love, be light.