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Learning To Not Run From The Truth

It's been a while since I've been here. With a journal open in front of me. Looking at the pages filled with lines, empty lines, waiting for them to be explored. I haven't given myself the time, or space, that I needed to clear my thoughts and flow. Flow in yoga or with a pen in my hand.

Life has been emotional for sometime now. I let my worries consume me. Yes, I have been following my dreams traveling and surfing around the world. But it's not all a shiny story. There are times of confusion, sadness, loneliness, being scared.

Now I have finally separated myself from my thinking. I have taken a step back and looked at life realizing this is all part of it. There's no way things can be perfect all the time and we can always get what we want.

Life is a process, a beautiful dance of becoming and being, a unique development. I understand now it's okay to be worried, to question what you're doing. It's a check to reality. The answers will come clear when you're ready. When you accept everything that is.

The future cannot be controlled and that is something we must constantly remind ourselves. For a peace of mind. To enjoy now, to be happy with what you have in this moment. It is great to have hopes and dreams, to make plans and set goals. But don't get lost in what is missing.

Do your best, live a life that makes you feel good. Trust when things that you want don't happen there is something much better that will. Detach from your emotions when they start hurting you too much. Step back and see the good.

It is now, this moment that is an experience you must have, in the place where you are meant to be. Time is not going to stop when you aren't feeling good so try to remember everything happens for a reason.