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The Realization

I was captured in a false sense of who I was. Believing that I must live a certain way. Performing like the people around me. I didn't want to be like them. I wanted to be free. I wanted to experience everything I could in life.

Knowing there would be a great discovery in wandering places far away. Scary? A bit, of course. But that fear is what ignited the initial fire. Not only fear of failing or getting lost, but fear of missing an opportunity that may never come again.

I felt more than just my personal emotions, I felt all the creations of life. Empowering to say the least. I would battle for living my happiness. I would pursue my dreams regardless of what others thought.

Allowing the good and bad to pass by, acknowledging their presence, not letting these emotions change my desires. Realizing moments of weakness only built strength inside myself and the inevitable change would present a beautiful shift in my direction.

Cleanse and release. Shining through the dullest moments, life had surely pleased my soul.