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2 Know You Are The Right 1

Here is 21 reminders to keep calm and help you gain strength in times of struggle.

As I went through three weeks of conflict between love I wrote one note to myself daily about what I learned from dealing with emotion.

Everyday I would read my list over and over. To ease my mind and work on moving forward.

Now I share my raw feelings of strength overcoming pain.

1 // I have learned to not get obsessed with the future. Instead focus on the now and enjoy the moment. Trust the love in this universe.

2 // It's okay to hurt, to be unknowing of what is to come. Trust and believe that you will end up exactly where you are meant to be. It will all work out.

3 // Working hard is worth it. Highs and lows are both apart of life. It's how you act in those moments of confusion that create inner strength to enjoy the journey. Never stop loving, starting with yourself.

4 // Peace in every step. Smile where ever you go and be a light to the inevitable darkness.

5 // Light shall come, give grace when it does. Learn from the magic of patience and trust. Balance is key.

6 // Follow the signs of the universe. This is the golden key to unlock your questions. Your heart will lead you to the right direction. Believe in yourself.

7 // Go with the flow. Be now. Enjoy the moment.

8 // Listen to the silence. What does she whisper in your ear, what brushes over your body when no one is around? The answers are waiting.

9 // Patience is the greatest gift we can hold on to.. being present and aware. Letting go of attachments. Loving what is.

10 // Today I smile. Yesterday I smiled. Tomorrow I will smile. Choose happiness.

11 // Why must we learn the hard way? Because if it was easy we wouldn't learn. There is always opportunity for growth, challenges only make you stronger.

12 // Don't give up, good things will come. Prevailing your answers in light. Trust the time.

13 // Plot twist. Go along. The energies are changing in your favor.

14 // Stay calm. It's okay to remind yourself of love and light. To think of only the good and imagine a beautiful life. Dreams shall turn to reality at the perfect moment.

15 // Letting go is the best thing you can do. Do not have expectations for the future. Only think about what you can do in the moment to have peace.

16 // I forgive and I forget. I move forward with gratitude to accomplish what my heart desires.

17 // I am surrounded by the beauties in life, I know there is a reason for everything I come across. An opportunity to learn more and become the best version of myself.

18 // We must know all the feelings of life, this is what shows us we are alive and awake.

19 // I am love, I am light. I am beautiful, I am strong. I am enough. I have all that I need.

20 // I am woman, hear me ROAR.

21 // It's only going up from here. The love deep within will splendor the strength of moving forward.