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Finding The Koru

When I was 20 years old i decided to drop out of college and work to travel the world. I felt a bit bored sitting inside four walls everyday and reading/ lecturing about all these wonders of life. I wanted to feel them, see it with my own eyes.

I had thoughts that I would learn more by experiencing things with my own physical being. It was difficult to share this choice with family and friends because I knew they would not be satisfied with my choice. But at the time I had lived away from my hometown San Diego for two years and was in love with a change of lifestyle in Oahu.

Hawaii was a tropical paradise I was lucky to call home. I was going through 200hr Yoga Teacher Training a few months after to deepen my knowledge and gain a skill. I was learning about ohm. The power of breath and focus paired with sound. It was beautiful.

I wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize this transition in my life. My mom would not support this idea, I didn't have to ask her I just knew. To me it was a calm reminder to breathe, slow down, and feel the life around me. Being in the present moment.

I came across this blue swirly emoji using my Iphone and every time I looked at it I felt a great blanket of comfort. So I decided this swirl would be the tattoo I would get to symbolize this shift of journey in my life.

After I got my newest piece of art a guy in the tattoo shop asked to see. I showed him my wrist and he said "Oh nice, you got a koru. I have one too." I replied "A koru? I got the idea from an emoji." and chuckled at the meaning being much deeper than that.

He then briefly explained the representation of a Koru and lifted the back of his shirt so I could see his. After he was done he said sternly "Look it up, it's a very powerful menaing." On the ride home I searched the web for Koru. What I found left me in complete bliss knowing I now had this tiny ink to guide me when I needed some support.

A symbol of balance in life, a black and white comparison. Your journey beginning with where you come from, who you are and following the path to where you are going.

A beautifully unique experience we all have. Also a reminder of Ohm, the sound of the universe, connection to all living things.