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Survival Is Political

So I ran. I ran from what I knew and wanted to be in a place I did not.

Away from western civilization. It scared me, watching how quickly the nature around me was being developed into a source of money. Taking from our earth’s precious resources and doing nothing to replenish her gifts.

How much we know about what is happening to our world yet limited effort to make a change. My thoughts are profound but I know we, as humans, have the opportunities, the assets to be better than how we are living.

Easy access to anything we want is not life in my eyes. Hard work, sacrifice, challenge is what makes living so great. To finally reach the glorious view from atop a clear blue sky, the dream inside your soul.

The excess material items and stress are not necessary. I want to know a life of only what is needed. To use what is available and be thankful for that.

That is how I ended up here. Traveling to the beautiful islands of Indonesia. My first trip in 2017 I fell in love. A month with my best friend from Ireland was filled with surfing, exploring, enjoying, meeting people from around the world who felt the same.

It was simple, it was present, it was light. I was attracted to more than just the beauty in this paradise. I came from a beautiful and happy place that was filled with many luxuries similar to what I was experiencing.

The difference was the background, the way of life, the culture which these people held true to their tradition. It captured something inside of me that I could not let go. The inspiration was endless.

Now I will share the stories of life that have created magnificent wonders inside my existence. Please enjoy and remember to stay true to the curiosity that holds onto you.