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The Only Constant Is Change

Accept it and be who you are. You are perfect.

This life was designed for you so create the most beautiful dreams. What you think is will be. Always honor your truth and desires keeping in mind it shall be different than other beings, and that is perfectly okay.

When others change around you that is their dream, so let them change. Continue the path of enlightenment for your dream, manifest and live what your heart and soul are called to.

Go with the flow and see where it takes you, learning from all the experiences that you have. There is always something to be taught when you listen and see with an open heart and mind.

Never stop loving because you are love, life is love.

See with eyes of beauty, feel with a heart of kindness, speak with words of honesty, be wise with the instinct inside your being. You are a divine creature of this magnificent universe. You hold the world in the palm of your hand.

Listen to the moments of silence. Allow yourself to forgive everyone because you do not deserve to suffer from the past, let it go. Practice this act to relieve you from the poison inside. Let the wounds be cleansed and heal them with love.

Trust that the inevitable change will present you with a path in the right direction of your dream.