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The Spiral of Life

Koru, a symbol of creation from the islands of New Zealand. A circular shape conveying the harmony of infinite movement. The origin of the coil is reminding of your roots, growing in a way that establishes your journey through life. How it is always changing yet always supporting who you are.

Koru is balanced and relies on opposites to prevail. In order to see the good, you must know the bad. In order to rise, you must fall. To know you are on the right path you must try, let go of the attachment to failure, of living in fear.

It will do no good to your being, to your core, your soul, to question the existence of the love that you are. You are alive so be. Be who you are, love all that you are. There is nothing you can do except enjoy yourself and see the world with eyes of beauty and with a mind of love.