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Freely Flowing Ideas

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanore Roosevelt.

How is that statement. Profound and incredibly inspiring, from a well known woman. I associated the ideas of her words and my thoughts on a day that ironically represented our independence and freedom.

Surrounded by splashing sounds and waves crashing, a warm sun shining over head, the calming summer breeze rushing over my body and my mind floating in the water. I was free. Completely submerged in the pureness of that moment.

I have been here before. Where I forget what has happened in the past and let go of what is to happen in the future. It's actually what keeps me going in life. Driving the aspiration to follow my dreams, listening to my heart and soul.

I have trust for all that is in this universe. The people, places, events in our lives. Not always easy to follow but gaining the connection to now. Deeper, rooting the power of strength within. Now in pursuit of happiness, to obtain these blissful moments in our daily life.