Salty Dance Surf & Yoga Retreat 

Collaboration with

Xanadu Surf Lombok

March 15-21, 2020   

Lombok, Indonesia      

Full week of :

-surf coaching 

-video analysis 


-beautiful photography 

-delicious creative food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

-wellness surprise

in an intimate and fun setting at Xanadu Surf & Yoga, a boutique surf and yoga retreat in the centre of Kuta, Lombok. 

100% attention on YOU!

Only 6 rooms available.


We will cover basic longboard skills to build a foundation. This will include where to position yourself when laying down, good paddling technique, how to turtle roll/go over the waves, where to place your feet when standing. Then we’ll work on turning, cross stepping and nose riding. We’ll also practice some land drills before heading in the water and review all the sessions from the day. You’ll gain knowledge on how to read waves, where to paddle when a set is coming and what to do when there are big waves. You can expect lots of ocean knowledge and plenty of time for individual questions and improvements.


Practice will be based around vinyasa flows to build strength and flexibility. It will relate to surfing, opening up muscles that will help improve surfing skills. Every other morning we will have a 30 minute wake up flow to bring fresh blood to our entire body before heading to the beach. Evenings will start off with power moves and end with relaxing poses held for longer. Lots of twisting to cleanse our bodies internally, balancing poses on hands and feet for surfing, and plenty of stretching. The best part of yoga is that there is a layer for everyone so if something doesn’t feel right in your body, we can adjust to another position that does.


Photos / Video By: Eka Gomez & Ivan Torres

What’s included?

 Intensive surf coaching 

 Daily video analysis

 Daily yoga 

 Professional photographs each day 

 Amazing breakfasts, lunches and dinners

 Spacious tropical rooms with AC, fan and all amenities

 Airport transfer

 Board rental (or you can bring your own log)

 Free-flowing tea and coffee

 Water re-fill (just bring your re-usable water bottle – we are trying to reduce   waste on the island)