Natural Medicine 

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My Story

At a young age I was interested in health/wellness and made it a priority to take care of myself because I knew not only did I look good but more importantly I felt GREAT! Being active and eating a balanced diet were the easiest ways to start and maintain my wellness goals. Then I began to realize all the products I was using were actually really bad for my health and had a lot of side effects to my body. Feeling fatigued, low energy, anxious, bloated, stressed, irritated, lots of little emotions that were caused by the things I consumed everyday.

I became aware of how many chemicals are used to develop products that we use daily. This is when I made a conscious choice to live a much more simple and holistic life for my well being and longevity. FOR ME! I wanted to feel good everyday and enjoy my life to its fullest potential. Oh, was it a great choice! Removing chemicals from my daily routine made a drastic change to my mood and internal wellness. I felt more awake and had more energy throughout the day, I was happier and not as easily bothered by small things, my gut felt clean and healthy, I slept amazing, I didn’t get sick like I used to, the list of benefits goes on. It has been the easiest transition to feeling like the best me I can be. I cannot imagine my life if I didn’t make this change. 

I now use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils for my day to day routine for skin, hair, immunity, sleep, stress, cleaning, energy, everything. There is an oil for whatever you need! I incorporate them before doing yoga to help balance and calm my mind. I take them in the morning with water to detoxify my body/skin and cleanse my organs. I apply on my wrists, back of my neck, and temples midday for a pick me up and energy boost. I diffuse at night to set a relaxing atmosphere and let the days rush wash away.


My favorite thing is to share them with a friend who is in need and know it will help.

I have put together a list of some of my favorite blends for common health concerns and problems for you to try on your own and experience the beauty of natural plant based things.


If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about essential oils please reach out to me!
I would love to help you in your wellness journey and begin the road to a happier and healthier you!

Oil Blends To Try


Best if diffused or applied to the bottoms of the feet


Lavender + Frankincense
Frankincense + Copaiba + Lavender

Copaiba + Roman Chamomile + Serenity 


Lavender : calming and relaxing, promote peaceful sleep and ease tension
Frankincense : promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness

Copaiba : soothe anxious feelings, calm and support the nervous system
Roman Chamomile : known for its calming effect on the skin, mind, and body

Serenity : calms the senses and promotes a tranquil environment 


Apply to the wrists, back of the neck, heart bone, or inhale from your hands/ diffuse


Frankincense : promotes feelings of peace and overall wellness
Copaiba : soothe anxious feelings, calm and support the nervous system
Lavender : calming and relaxing, ease tension 

Balance : harmony to the mind/ body


Apply with a carrier oil (like coconut oil)


Frankincense + Copaiba

reduce skin imperfections + promotes clear, smooth skin and reduces blemishes

Lavender + Melaleuca 

Soothes skin irritations + cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin


Take internally to boost overall health 


Oregano : powerful antioxidants, healthy immune system, digestion, and respiratory 

On Guard : supports healthy immune and respiratory function 

Lemon : naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, healthy respiratory function
Ginger : support healthy digestion, help ease occasional indigestion and nausea


Upset stomach 

Peppermint : alleviate upset stomach/ digestion
DigestZen : aid in food digestion, soothe upset stomachs, reduce gas and bloating


Stuffy nose 

Breathe : clear airways and easy breathing, minimizing the effects of seasonal threats 

Eucalyptus : promote feelings of clear breathing and open airways