Shell Art

Original hand crafted pieces made with treasures from the sea. A healing gift of life and love.

Growing up in San Diego it was a ritual to walk the beach with my mom. We enjoyed simple beauty from the water and all life she held inside. Shells were one of our favorite finds because you could take them home and continue to feel the presence of the ocean. 


My mom always said that a whole shell represents a whole you. It was a small symbol that always made me smile. I moved to Hawaii at 18 years old with a fearless attitude searching for an island life. Looking for shells became a regular activity alone and with friends. Grazing through the sand at my favorite beaches and diving in the crystal clear waters. 

These memories are pure bliss to me. It is when I get so lost in nature I truly feel whole. Connectedness between the soul and another form of life is incredible. I have been relieved of my greatest struggles from the ocean and hope to do the same for others with creative pieces from my favorite island essential.