A Deeper Meaning


Seahorse Protector

A Symbol of Strength

I got this shortly after I turned 18. I wanted something simple and elegant to represent my love for the ocean, a picture of her natural beauty. This creature also reflects myself, how I can withstand any condition and flow with the current when times get tough.


Seahorses represent good luck, power, and strength. And that she is to me, always protecting and supporting. Expressing my feminine side, how the most astonishing ones are those who exhibit natural beauty.




The shaka. This is for the stoke I get every time I go surfing. My best friend Jenna and I always throw up a big shaka after we catch an epic wave.


They just make you smile even if you're not in the water. I'll be stoked forever.


Originally from New Zealand, Koru is a swirly symbol of balance. It encompasses your journey in life. Telling the story of who you are, where you come from and where you are going.


To Infinity

And Beyond


This is for my sister, a bond that will never be broken. An eternal love and support system. My best friend, my other half, the only one who truly knows me better than myself. Thank you for being you. May life continue to bring us hilarious times.