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The Story Behind SaltedSun

I'm Dana!

A salty, yoga loving young woman who is passionate about sharing what I love and encouraging others to follow their dreams. My goal is to bring peace and conscious awareness to people’s life and guide them along their own journey of abundant soul freedom.

The information I share is from my most favorite speakers and coaches from the past and present mixed with my intuitive findings through surfing, yoga, meditation, affirmations, and mantras. 

My dream is for more people to feel complete as they are and allow a luminous light to shine from their soul. I want to encourage others to feel their connectedness to the universe and trust that they have a specific purpose in this life. 


  "You are an expression of the universe"

-Deepak Chopra

I wish to empower people from around the world to believe and know that they are enough exactly as they are and that by reducing daily use of chemical products, and living a more natural life, you can feel good mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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I believe life is about sharing what you love.

Born and raised in San Diego, California I moved to O'ahu, Hawai'i to live my island dream. As a young adult living in Hawai'i I enjoyed observing the native people and their simple approach to life. I was inspired. Their connection to the land, water, and ancestors was pure beauty.

 Five years later I planted roots in Bali, creating more adventures and a passionate business. I chose to live the life of my dreams and to share my love for life.

Hosting surf and yoga retreats to share my knowledge and passion about the ocean, body, and mind. A wellness community to connect like minded people from around the world.


I have learned that you can achieve anything you want by believing in yourself and learning to listen to your intuition. 

Using natural medicine to heal from within and following your breath, movements, and meditation to discover the souls desires. With a healthy body and a happy mind it is possible to have the life that you desire.

Staying healthy has always been a passion for me because it allowed me to do what I love, ALL the time. I completed my 200 hr Yoga TT at the age of 20 in pursuit to help others and guide them to conscious awareness about the mind, body and soul.

If you are interested in an experience like this, then this is the place for you.

Join me to learn about inner workings and natural medicine so you can use these powerful creations in your daily life.

 Together we can unite in the simple, natural beauty of who we really are.

Can't wait to connect!

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